Benefits of Massage

•Relieves tension

•Muscle fatigue

•Stiff and sore joints and musclesIncreases flexibility

•Good for general relaxation and aids sleep

•Helps to reduce stress levels.

•It helps to relax the mind, reducing the effects that stress can have on the body.

•A massage can lift the emotions and promote a sense of general well-being.

•It can be soothing and comforting

Circulation of blood and lymph are stimulated during a massage treatment as a result of releasing tension in the soft tissues. However, when circulation is restricted for long periods, disease can develop due to a lack of nutrients and oxygen and the buildup of toxins. Massage therefore can be a powerful healing method and also an excellent preventative measure. The effects are cumulative, so the more often you receive a treatment, the better you will feel in your body and mind.

Advanced Deep Massage

Advanced Deep massage is a type of massage aimed at the deeper tissue structures of the muscle and fascia, also called connective tissue. This massage uses many of the same movements and techniques as Swedish massage, but the pressure will generally be more intense.

Deluxe Full Body Massage

Got a little more time on your hands? Wanting to treat someone special as a gift? Well this time band is just the ticket as it offers an even deeper level of pampering indulgence a full 90 minute massage tailored to suit the recipient, so if you are ready to be pampered from head to toe then lie back and be pampered, relax & unwind.

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