Crystal Healing

Crystal Healing at Utopia Massage Therapy

Looking for an effective way of releasing physical, emotional and mental stress? Or maybe you just need a chill out - a negative debris clear out with an energy boost. Why not try a Crystal Healing Session?

Crystals are for want of better words ‘living’ they grow they change throughout their existence, they conduct energy which we know only too well of by the crystals we use every day in quartz watches and who never made a crystal radio as a child?

It is the energy from these crystals we use to balance the chakras, using our own spiritual intuition and the crystals energy from carefully selected gemstones and crystals that are in tune with, heal or balance the particular chakra we are working on.

Our bodies have many chakras, in fact there are 114 in total in our bodies, however with Chakra Balancing through Crystal Healing we focus on 7 main chakras. From the Crown Chakra down to the Root Chakra. All Chakras are like wheels where energy flows through, if one or more of these Chakras are off balance it can have a detrimental effect to our bodies either with physical issues or emotional consequences. The main objective through crystal healing is to balance these Chakras to allow the energy to pass evenly through them once more, bringing homeostasis for the client.