Massage/Reflexology Treatments for Pregnancy

Pregnancy Reflexology

Pregnancy Reflexology is the ideal prospect for pregnant women to enjoy feeling indulged and relaxed.

Treatments may also help to balance your hormones, increase your energy and help your body to be healthy and as comfortable as possible. Reflexology can also be used to help encourage labour if you are over your due date. Many midwives will endorse reflexology to you as part of your maternity programme.

Pregnancy reflexology may also help the following common pregnancy symptoms:

•Reduce and normalize high blood pressure

•Normalize low blood pressure

•Oedema and reducing swelling in feet and ankles

•Nausea and headaches

•Pain and discomfort


•Stress & anxiety

•Improved sleep quality

•Digestive problems – constipation

•Prevention of heartburn

Pregnancy Reflexology may decrease your labour time

There is research to suggest that regular reflexology during pregnancy can help to reduce labour time and lessen the need for medical intervention.

Findings showed that women who received regular reflexology treatments during pregnancy were more likely to have a shorter labour, require less pain relief and give birth closer to their expected due date. The average first stage of labour was 5 hours (compared to typical figures of 16 to 24 hours) and 16 minute 2nd stage (compared to 1 to 2 hours).

Fertility Reflexology may help couples with fertility problems by strengthening the immune system, promoting blood circulation around the body, harmonising the hormone production necessary for conception and promoting good strong health and vitality in the reproductive organs, which includes helping to regulate periods, promote ovulation, reduce PMS, reduce the chances of miscarriage and also help increase sperm quality and quantity.

Fertility problems can be very traumatic, a course of reflexology can also deliver the relaxation needed to help return the body to its natural balance ready for parenthood.

For couples who have chosen to have IVF, Reflexology can be used to help decrease the stress and emotional unease and prepare the body physically.

Reflexology may also be valuable post-natal for

•Adjusting to the demands of coping with a new baby

•Coping with interrupted sleep and fatigue

•Support as your menstrual cycle returns to normal

•Re-balance the body

•Stabilize body weight

•Increase energy levels

•Maintaining or increasing milk supply

•Prevent post-natal depression

•General relaxation and “Me time”

Pregnancy Massage 

Pregnancy Massage therapy promotes the health of the mind, body and spirit.

Massage creates many positive effects on the body, both physical and psychological, helping the body to re-balance and function more effectively. Pregnancy massage is a safe massage treatment for the whole body. Delivering a period of holistic relaxation for the expectant mother, bringing relief from muscle tension caused by softening of the joints and an increase in weight, and relief from excess fluid retained in the limbs.

It can aid sleep and relaxation, boost immunity, calm, soothe and energise. Both skin tone and circulation are improved, while stress, anxiety and fatigue are reduced.

Massage for motherhood in many parts of the world, pregnant and postnatal women are massaged regularly to promote a feeling of well-being.

Massage is a drug free, non-invasive, therapy that can be used throughout pregnancy, labour and the postnatal period.

This massage is offered to expectant mothers in their second and third trimester only, a full consultation will be given before the treatment to assess suitability for massage and to tailor the treatment specifically to your needs, for mothers in their third trimester (24-40 weeks) consent from GP/Midwife would be required.